FW171 Crush

FW171.51 Gold
FW171.01 Silver
FW171.10/10 Rose
FW171.10/51 Rose/Gold
FW171.15/15 Pink
FW171.15/51 Pink/Gold
FW171.17/51 Raspberry/Gold
FW171.20/20 Red
FW171.20/51 Red/Gold
FW171.24/20 Berry/Red
FW171.25/10 Wine/Rose
FW171.32/51 Lilac/Gold
FW171.35/15 Purple/Pink
FW171.35/35 Purple
FW171.35/51 Purple/Gold
FW171.35/57 Purple/Copper
FW171.43/45 Mint/Turquoise
FW171.43/51 Mint/Gold
FW171.44/51 Teal/Gold
FW171.44/57 Teal/Copper
FW171.45/51 Tuquoise/Gold
FW171.45/45 Turquoise
FW171.46/57 Navy/Copper
FW171.48/45 Blue/Turquoise
FW171.48/48 Blue
FW171.48/51 Blue/Gold
FW171.57/57 Orange/Copper
FW171.58/51 Yellow/Gold
FW171.64/65 Holiday Green/Green
FW171.65/01 Green/Silver
FW171.65/57 Green/Copper
FW171.65/65 Green
FW171.75/57 Chocolate/Copper
FW171.78/57 Mink/Copper
FW171.82/01 Gunmetal/Silver
FW171.82/51 Gunmetal/Gold
FW171.82/57 Gunmetal/Copper
FW171.85/01 Black/Silver
FW171.85/51 Black/Gold
FW171.85/57 Black/Copper
FW171 Crush

This surface print is part of our Vivid Design Library and can be used to create your very own custom products! From Gift Wrap to Gift Bags & Boxes, to Stationery, Canvas & Leather Gifting, let us help you to bespoke this design to better suit your needs.

Choose your preferred ink colors, select base papers & textiles from our collection, swap inks for glitters, add or remove foils & all important finishing touches!

MOQ's start at 300 pieces and are quoted per product.

If you are interested in our Custom & Bespoke Services, email us at info@vividwrap.com for more information!

To read about our ethical sourcing & manufacturing, please follow this link: ethical-sourcing-274-c.asp

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Product Code: FW171.51