AW Gift Bags

Our gorgeous Vivid gift bags are handmade from recycled cotton and are designed to co-ordinate with our beautiful gift wrapping papers. We use glitter, metallic inks & embossing techniques to create textured & luxurious gift bags.
Packed in 10 of the same design, our gift bags are available in three key sizes…
Small Gift Bags            10.5cm x 7cm x 15cm
Medium Gift Bags        18.5cm x 9cm x 24cm
Large Gift Bags            25cm x 10cm x 30cm
We also offer these special sizes in certain designs..
Mini Gift Bags   9cm x 9cm x 4cm ( packed in 15 of same colour)
Extra Large       50cm x 14.5cm x 38cm ( packed in 5’s of same designs )
Bottle Bags       14cm x 10cm x 35cm ( packed in 10’s ) wine/champagne
Party Bags        10cm x 10cm x 8cm ( packed in 5 of same design )
At Vivid Wrap we design two Gift Bag collections a year at our studio in Bath UK. We get our inspiration each season from catwalk fashions, interior designers and trend forecasters.  We create stories of Gift Wrap, Gift Bags and Gift Boxes that co-ordinate and compliment each other.
It takes two skilled people a day to make 500 sheets of our handmade paper. Water based dyes are added to the raw wet pulp to achieve our Vivid colours. Once the paper is hung and dried it is pressed and die cut to create the templates for the gift bags. The bags are then handmade, with metal eyelets and cotton cord handles applied by hand.