Our New AW17 Christmas Brochure has arrived… yeah!!!!


I know it’s not cool to shout about things you have created, because it looks like boasting, but…. I AM SHOUTING ABOUT OUR NEW AW17  & CHRISTMAS BROCHURE.. because I am so proud of it!!!

It’s a new look for VIVID & shows how our New AW17 & Christmas Collections co-ordinate effortlessly together. Each colour story is packed with top tips & inspiring photography, not to mention all of our delicious New Designs & New Products for this very important commercial season!

We would love to get your feedback on our New AW17 Christmas Brochure…. Let us know if you would like to receive a copy… email us for a brochure   or take a look online at our .. AW17 Brochure.

Happy  Christmas Shopping.. from Team Vivid x


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Colour Trends .. what you see is what you feel.

To follow or to lead.. jump on board.. or let that one pass you by…? Colour trends have fast become a key tool for buyers seeking to keep pace with what’s hot, not wanting to miss out on the latest “thing”, but trying to avoid exposing themselves to unnecessary commercial risk.

Colour is such an emotive subject… what you see is what you feel, and many of our colour connections made in childhood, remain with us as adults.. as colour often conjures up memories. So whilst we should open ourselves up to “whats new”, we should also be mindful of the traditions associated with many colours.  Colour is also a form of communication and expression.. taking its direction from nature itself. From daffodil yellows in Spring, to bright pinks & turquoise skies in the Summer, we lean towards certain colours as the year unfolds, as a reflection of the world around us.

The wrap display in a store is great place to refelect the changing colours of each season.. and for those with the space to invest, it can be a visual show-stopper. For this reason wrap displays should be refreshed at least 4 times in a calendar year to provide a visual & commercial stimulus that best fits the season.. just like any fashion store.

Jan – April: Spring refresh – soft pastels with hints of pale yellow & spring green.. which in turn support Mother’s Day & Easter, so lovely after all that Christmas red!

May – August: Summer  is your chance to shout about bold colours & whatever the weather throws at us, have fun with bright combo’s .. even Orange. Adding bold colour to your wrap wall will create a sense of energy in store & reflecting the wardrobe changes that most of us make at this time of year! This is also peak Wedding Season, so don’t forget about Bridal Whites … And Father’s Day tucked away in mid June – well thats a chance for all things boys & blue to make an impression..!

Sept – November: For Autumn, Halloween & Fireworks we turn to warmer, deeper colour pallets.. evoking cosy evenings by the fire & inspired by the shades created by natures harvest.. Deep Pinks, Burgundy, Purples, Burnt Orange & Copper, Greys, Browns …

And December is quite frankly, all about Christmas! Still a very traditional colour palette, Christmas continues to be dominated by golds, silvers, reds & festive greens, as these all speak to luxury & indulgence. But each year there are a few trend led colour combo’s that create a stir & add a little excitement…and this year is no exception!

Rose Pink/ Velvet Wine…  is rather addictive, and will be trending this AW17 in the world of fashion & homewares. It is a fabulous combination of vintage Rose Pink &  deep Velvety Wine, lending itself perfectly  to both gift packaging & festive decorations. Rose Pink can transition throughout Autumn/Winter  as an Everyday Colour and will look quite at home in early Spring! Velvet Wine brings much needed Autumn warmth to Everyday & is a wonderful new addition to Christmas! Used together or on their own as separate colours, Rose/Wine gives a  luxurious & quietly confident look to any collection. RoseWine_AW17_Trend_LR

We have created new designs for Aw17 using Rose Glitters & Foils.. Look out for our new Rose/Wine Crush Collection – wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes & tags, all made by hand using our new Rose foil on a handmade cotton base paper..  And to really go ‘all out’ lux, top off your gift wrapping & gift bags with our  New Rose / Wine tassels, or gift toppers.. which can then be used either as festive decorations or around the home! All great add on sales for you & a great way to inspire your customers with quick & easy ideas.

Copper / Grey & Gold.. The Three Wise Men! Mixed Metallics continue to pack a punch in AW17 with a large splash of  Copper! This really is a fantastic trend for all aspects of home decor & gifting at Christmas, as  metallic finishes can now be achieved on so many substrates, not least paper! AW17 see’s  a more masculine edge to metallics with Gunmetal Grey serving as the  backbone to other warmer finishes,  Gold bringing the  luxury & large serving of zesty Copper acting as the perfect winter spice.Metalics-AW17-Trend_LR

We have used this trio to great effect across Everyday & Christmas designs.. giving you a flexible way of integrating festive products into your collection..   So Mixed Metallics could land straight into your Everyday display in September & gently morph into Christmas as the count down begins!   Marble… Crush… Maharaja… Ruskin… whichever designs you love most.. you will be able to move effortlessly from one colour to another within this palette. For wrapping enthusiasts & crafters, check out our Glittered Snowflakes – set of 3 in copper,silver & gold & our matching Jute Twines for added texture & interest!

Ice Mint & Deep Turquoise… brrrr –  Winter Wonderland!  Inspired by Icelandic frosts & swirling patterns in the ice, this colour palette is very chic! Ice Mint is warmed with use of gold foils & glitter and the Deep Turquoise brings a more festive feel.  This colour palette works well for Everyday, but simply by adding a Paper Bauble or a gold Foil JOY accessory – everyday items can be made Christmassy!Winter-AW17-Trend_LR

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New Christmas Brochure nearly ready…. :))

IMG_1348Over 350 products, 3 weeks of photography & way too may chocolate biscuits to mention and at last our New AW17 / Christmas Brochure is on press at the printers!  Can’t wait to get  it into the post, to our wonderful Vivid Customers, along with their very own Swatch Book of our delicious new wrapping papers….. So Excited !

Big Thanks to Kate our new creative for all her hard work.x

# Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


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Vivid Wraponista to the rescue at John Lewis Bristol…last week :)

Last week I had the opportunity to give some personal service to the lovely Customers at John Lewis Bristol store… Vivid Wraponista to the rescue! Giving top tips & advice for Christmas wrapping that will really WOW  friends & family this season, using Vivid Wrap papers designed for John Lewis…  At last your gifts can be as well dressed as you are Ladies!

We came up with these delicious combo’s using Vivid Wrap.. all available at John Lewis Christmas Shop… but hurry..:))jl-demo1 jl-demo2 jl-demo-3 jl-demo-4 jl-gift-wraps

Vivid ♥’s John Lewis Customers x

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Vivid Wrap help John Lewis Sparkle this Christmas….!

John Lewis asked for a little sparkle in their Christmas Department this season.. and look what we made for them!  Hundreds of Copper Foil & Glitter garlands to create a very special festive shopping experience.. and the good news is.. you can buy them in store to take home!  All handmade by our very own Vivid Wraponistas here at Vivid HQ!    Great ideas.. deliciously executed :))


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John Lewis Launch Christmas Department in UK

We love it when we get to collaborate with our customers to deliver great collections that really fit their overall strategy for the season. This approach really works well for the John Lewis Department Store group in the UK…

We get to create bespoke themes for them that co-ordinate beautifully with their overall store strategy. Everything is now live in London and around the country. The product looks amazing and the visual merchandising is helping consumers create wonderful themes for their homes this Christmas season… Take a look at the shots taken at JLP Oxford Street earlier this week…

img_6866 img_6868 img_6869 img_6872 img_6877 img_6879


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Exciting Collection Developed for John Lewis in the UK

Vivid Wrap Proud to be Supplying Gift Wrapping Papers to John Lewis

You will find our fabulous bespoke collection in stores and online this autumn winter season… click here to see the full collection…

Vivid Wrap Hares and Pears for John Lewis
Vivid Wrap Hares and Pears for John Lewis
Vivid Wrap Twinkle and Trees for John Lewis
Vivid Wrap Twinkle and Trees for John Lewis
Vivid Wrap Pheasant and Croft for John Lewis
Vivid Wrap Pheasant and Croft for John Lewis
Vivid Wrap Twinkle and Mr Sausage for John Lewis
Vivid Wrap Marble and Woodgrain for John Lewis
Vivid Wrap Wood Grain and Marble for John Lewis
Vivid Wrap Hares and Pears design for John Lewis
Vivid Wrap Hares and Pears design for John Lewis
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Creating that spark of Electricity… Relationships Matter!

We all hope for, and some of us plan for, that little moment of electricity or tenderness when giving a gift to someone we care about…

Vivid Wrap was created in one of these moments. A genuine spark, when the unexpected takes your breath away. Takashimaya NYC Cathy and I were taking a well earned break in NYC, and were drawn into the luxury world of Takashimaya, the Japanese department store on Fifth Avenue. We purchased two scented drawer hearts and the sales assistant asked if would like them gift wrapped…

After what seemed like an age, two of the most wonderful creations emerged… Items that cost just a few dollars, now looked a million dollars!

So why did this matter? Fast forward a few days, and the gifts were handed over, and for a brief moment, life slowed down and distilled to one of the most important feelings we are lucky enough to experience. The recipients felt loved. They knew that whilst we had been thousands of miles away, they were in our thoughts. That fleeting moment when the gift was received, re-affirmed a relationship that has been built by these special little moments over the years.

It was this moment that motivated us to create a business that helped facilitate these special moments. Cathy had always loved colour as a child, recalling that her favourite Christmas gift when seven, was a ream of coloured paper and a stash of pencils…

So Vivid Wrap was born, a passion for colour and paper had found a reason to exist…

When someone chooses to use handmade paper, they are saying, this is a special moment. And this moment is special because you are special. How cool is it that?

Vivid Wrapping Paper
Vivid Handmade Cotton Wrapping Paper

The value of gift giving is deeply engrained in Japanese culture, presented so well by that moment in Takashimaya, and part of what makes that special is the thought that goes into the wrapping itself. The way the paper is made, the design and the way the item is wrapped…

The effort someone takes to chose the gift wrapping and the time taken to wrap the item beautifully is an investment in that special moment…

In the next few posts, we will give some hints and tips how to make your gifts look a million dollars…


Solid Bottle Box By Vivid Wrap
Solid Bottle Box By Vivid Wrap
Handmade Cotton Gift Bag
Handmade Cotton Gift Bag

We would love to hear from you, share your special moments or pictures of fab wrapped gifts…

Take care

Team Vivid


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Got a Crush on Vivid…

Welcome to our first blog spot for Vivid Wrap…

Vivid Wrap is passionate about colour, and we love to create gift packaging that make your gifts look as well dressed as you are… All of our Papers, Bags and Boxes are hand screen printed, most of them on handmade cotton papers, and all on recycled materials.

AW2016-Web-Banner-2-LR AW2016-Web-Banner-3-LR

Our theme for this Autumn Winter/Fall Season is distinctly luxurious, with crushed foils featuring heavily.  Specifically the coppers and bronzes are key features of the collection.

AW2016-Web-Banner-5-LR AW2016-Web-Banner-6-LR

You will see our latest collection in John Lewis, Selfridges, Fortnum and Masons, The Fenwick Department Store chain, Harrods and many fine independent boutiques in the UK, and our key partners The Container Store, Paper Source and Papyrus in the United States, from September 2016 …

AW2016-Web-Banner-4-LR AW2016-Web-Banner-1-LR

Remember, a well considered gift will stick in the memory, if it’s… “Dressed to impress…”



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