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04879 - Plain Gift Tags Red GTP20

These gift tags are handmade from recycled cotton, in the same base paper as our fabulous papers.

Each unit contains 30 individual tags.
SRP: $ 0.79
Trade Pack Price: $11.80


North America Std Delivery 10% - of Order Total
10191 - Wrap Dots 64 dots per pack
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30113 - Luxury Tassels Red - LUXTT.20
33183 - Me & You Red Foil Dec - FYOU&ME.20
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20510 - Tomato Red Twine 50m Jute JT50.20
28950 - Hollywood Bday Square Nest of 5 Boxes    GBXS187.100/20
25690 - Gold Crush on Red Mini Box GBXM171.20/51
Hollywood Birthday Red Gift Bag - GBG187.100/20 (SKUs:28288;28295;28301)
Mini Hearts Glitter Red Bag - GBG163.100/20G (SKUs:33275;33244;33213)
Red Crush on Wine Gift Bags GBG171.24/20 (SKUs:30700;30656;30601)
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